31st Australian Veterans Table Tennis Championships
Hosted by Tasmanian Table Tennis Association Inc from 18th - 25th October 2014

New Features

There are a number of new features in the Tournament this year, based on feedback that was received from the 2013 National Veterans Championships.

Team Captains sometimes find that tossing before a teams match is a burden as it can mean that the whole team has to be at the venue well before the start of a teams match. We have introduced an altenative where Captains can fill out their team sheet at a more convenient time. You can read all about pre-tossing. We have some sample tossing sheets for an individual teams match and some samples if want your choice to apply for all matches.

Several players have said that they dont use much of the printed Programme Book now. They use their Player Timetable (the single sheet which shows all of your Individual Matches) and a few pages from the Programme Book for their Teams Matches.
The Player Timetable now shows your Round Robin Teams matches.
The Programme Book is now on the web. It is shown in its entirety, and broken down into sections so that you can either bookmark those pages in which you are interested, or you can print those pages before the Tournament.
You can see the Programme Book page here or you can follow the links from the main results page.

The Player Timetables are now available on the web, and can be accessed from the main results page. You can print your copy before the Tournament, if you wish. The Timetables may also be updated at certain times, eg if you progress from the round robin of an Individual singles event to the knockout, then your Timetable will be updated with all of the matches from the knockout. The information on the web contains a vesion number, and the date and time that the Timetable was produced. If an updated copy is generated, the version and date/time information will be updated as well.