2019 National Junior Championships

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Player Name Results
ALEXANDERSSON, Matilda Results
ALUWIHARE, Jithen Results
ANDERSON, Ruby Results
ANN, Erin Results
ATHANASIADIS, Michael Results
BAE, Hwan Results
BAE, Won Results
BAKANAY, Meena Results
BAKANAY, Zachary Results
BARNES, Baz Results
BEDFORD, Mitchell Results
BELLIDO, Sebastian Results
BLYTHE, Thomas Results
BRAKE, William Results
BURROWS, Alana Results
CAO, Monica Results
CHAN, Gar Wai (Kyra) Results
CHAN, Michelle Results
CHANDRASENA, Samadhi Results
CHANG, Jesse Results
CHANTARAT, Kane Results
CHAPMAN, Braydon Results
CHEE, Nicolas Results
CHEN, Annie Results
CHEN, Celine Results
CHEN, Dorothy Results
CHEN, Elina Results
CHEN, Jethro Results
CHEN, Muyun Jana Results
CHEN, Rocky Results
CHENG, Chloe Results
CHENG, Clarence Results
CHEUNG, Joshua Results
CHEW, Valentine Results
CHOI, Julie Results
CHOI, Juno Results
CHONG, Warren Results
CLARKE, Toby Results
CONNOLLY, Keira Results
CONNOLLY, Tamika Results
DAVIES, Owen Results
DE SILVA, Vinuka Results
DHARMASENA, Danindu Results
DHINGRA, Rijak Results
DHINGRA, Sidhak Results
DING, Darlene Results
DING, Gavin Results
DING, Joshua Results
DONG, Danny Results
DU, Sally Results
ELFAWAL, Ayman Results
EMAMJOMEH, Aryan Results
FALCONER, Christian Results
FENG, Martin Results
FIKH, Anthony Results
FINDLAY, Jim Results
FLOOD, Laura Results
FONG, Nathan Zhong Gu Results
FONG, Serena Results
FOO, Addison Results
FREEGARD, Anthony Results
FUNG, Jasmine Results
GAETA, Taleisha Results
GAO, Joe Results
GARDNER, MacKenzie Results
GEERING, Levi Results
GIST, Lucas Results
GLIESSERT, Joel Results
GOH, Elisha Results
GOH, Hanna Results
GOH, Rachel Results
GOH, Royce Results
GOLLAPALLI, Rithvik Results
GOODSELL, Eleanor Results
GRAHAM, Hema Results
GREEN, Hannah Results
GREEN, Hayden Results
GREEN, Lockie Results
GREEN, Lucas Results
GREEN, Olivia Results
GREEN, Tahnee Results
GU, Nathan Results
GUO, David Results
GUO, Jeffrey Results
HA, Lyn Results
HASSAN, Ahmed Results
HASSAN, Dib Results
HASSAN, Yousef Results
HEAD, Jarryd Results
HERRING, Obie Results
HO, Esme Results
HO, Foebe Results
HO, James Pui Yin Results
HOBBS, Isaac Results
HOLDEN, Finn Results
HOLLOW, Charlie Results
HOLLOW, Georgia Results
HONG, Eujin Results
HOPKINS, Leonard Results
HSU, Yi-Jen Results
HU, Serena Results
HUANG, Alex Results
HUANG, Charlie Results
HUANG, Cynthia Results
HUANG, Tim Results
HUANG, Zhongye Results
HUNG, Kin Nam Results
HYUN, Benjamin Results
HYUN, Justin Results
IRA, Scarlett Results
JAYAMAHA, Shanith Results
JEFFERSON, Natasha Results
JIANG, Richie Results
JIN, Cecile Results
KAUR, Parleen Results
KAVIANIFAR, Johram Results
KELEN, Jett Results
KHAN, Inaaya Results
KIELY, Shea Results
KIM, Haneul Results
KIM, James Results
KIM, Jisoo Results
KIM, Sarah Results
KWAN, Justin Results
KWON, Caleb Results
LAI, Sebastian Results
LAM, Joshua Results
LAWRIE, Daniel Results
LEE, Alex Results
LEE, Alice Results
LEE, David Results
LEE, Isaiah Results
LEE, Serina Results
LEUNG, Jayden Results
LEUNG, Lachlan Results
LI, Alexander Results
LI, Andrew Results
LI, Hannah Results
LI, Richard Results
LI, Run Shu Results
LI, Youman Results
LIANG, Stephy Results
LIAO, Brian Results
LIM, Ethan Results
LIM, Victor Results
LIM, Vincent Results
LIN, Roy Results
LITTLER, Richard Results
LIU, Stephen Results
LIU, Yvonne Results
LOH, Phoebe Results
LU, David Results
LU, Kevin Results
LUM, Lucas Results
LUM, Nicholas Results
LUO, Evan Results
LUU, Finn Results
LUU, Skyy Results
MAN, Abbey Results
MAPA, Genuka Results
MASEN, Adam Results
MASON, Ngarangi Results
MCELWEE, Joshua Results
MCKELLAR, Zak Results
MCKINNON, Callum Results
MEULI, Kye Results
MILLS, Toby Results
MILSOM, Lucas Results
MITEV, Thomas Results
MUDALIGE, Anushka Results
MURPHY, Bridgit Results
MYRTEZA, Raymond Results
NANDAKUMAR, Ananya Results
NARANG, Jasleen Results
NEW, Benhannan Results
NEWELL, Molly Results
NGUYEN, Jennifer Results
NICHOLS-NEALE, Jessika Results
NIE, Chulong Results
NIE, Mingxuan Results
NOURA, Daniel Results
OH, Sue Bin Results
OSVATH, Gabriella Results
PENG, Andrew Results
PENG, Bradley Results
PENG, Fiona Yifei Results
PIYACHAI, Leonard Results
POPLAWSKI, Genie Results
POPLAWSKI, William Results
PSIHOGIOS, Connie Results
PSIHOGIOS, Mia Results
QIAO, Olina Results
QUAH, Chermaine Results
QUESTED, Jack Results
RYU, Daniel Results
SAVIGE, Oscar Results
SCOTT, Leah Results
SCOTT, Tayla Results
SHENGALI, Havin Results
SHI, Matthew Results
SILK, Anthony Results
SINGH PANWAR, Dhriti Results
SONG, Derry Results
SONI, Bhavya Results
SONI, Shruti Results
STEFFEN, Emily Results
STEFFEN, Matthew Results
SUN, Thomas Results
THOMAS, Cam Results
THOMAS, Max Results
THWAITES, Nicole Results
TOKO-WATENE, Askyn Results
TOWNSEND, Danni-Elle Results
TRAN, Leo Results
TRAN, Rebecca Results
TRUONG, Jayden Results
TU, Amelia Results
VARDINEJAD, Rayan Results
VUONG, Jadyn Results
WALKER, Ellen Results
WANG, Angela Anqi Results
WANG, Doris Results
WANG, James Results
WANG, Kevin Results
WANG, Ryan Results
WANG, Wilsen Results
WANG, Yi Teng Results
WEBB, Abbey Results
WEBB, Archie Results
WIJAYA, Jesslyn Results
WILSON, Anna Results
WIN-SHWE, Sidney Results
WOODS, Caitlin Results
WU, Amy Results
WU, Bryant Results
WU, Chelsea Results
WU, Jasmine Results
WU, Michelle Results
WU, Siqi (Stephanie Results
XI, Tony Results
XIAO, Yue Yang (Jacky Results
XIE, Daisy Results
XIE, Zakelli Results
YANG, Jason Results
YANG, Samuel Results
YANG, Ziyan Results
YAP, Spencer Results
YAU, Nicholas Results
YEE, Joshua Results
YEUNG, Alex Results
YEUNG, Kathleen Results
YONG, Erika Results
YOUNG, Michael Results
YUAN, Garry Results
ZENG, April Results
ZENG, Eric Results
ZHANG, Ally Results
ZHANG, Harry Results
ZHANG, Jerry Results
ZHANG, Lilly Results
ZHANG, Martin Results
ZHANG, Norman Results
ZHANG, Ray Results
ZHANG, Raymond Results
ZHANG, Victoria Results
ZHANG, William Results
ZHANG, Zilin Results
ZHAO, Adrian Results
ZHONG, Barina Results
ZHOU, Richard Results
ZHOU, Sophia Results
ZIA, Tahia Results

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