2022 National Championships

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Player Name Results
ADDIS, Christopher Results
ALUWIHARE, Jithen Results
AMBEKAR, Sanish Results
ANAND, Siddharth Results
ANN, Erin Results
ANSTEY, Zachary Results
ANTONY, Abiel Results
ANTONY, Ashish Results
AU, Morgan Results
AVERS, Matthew Results
BAKANAY, Meena Results
BAKANAY, Seref Results
BAKANAY, Zachary Results
BAKER-PATTON, Armond Results
BALRAM, Nikitha Results
BAO, Lachlan Results
BARMAN, Ryan Results
BARWICK, Isaac Results
BEREZA, Matthew Results
BLYTHE, Thomas Results
BOWREY, Michael Results
BUCHHOLZ, Gemma Results
BUDDHADASA, Hasali Sanaya Results
BUDDHADASA, Rivindu Vinduwa Results
BUDIARTO, Jacqueline Results
BURNET, Aaron Results
BYUN, Nathan Results
CAI, Yunzhao(Amy) Results
CAMPBELL, Jonas Results
CAO, Ian Results
CAO, Jaden Results
CARROLL, Rory Results
CHAM, Stanley Results
CHAMBERS, Dillon Results
CHAN, Gar Wai (Kyra) Results
CHAN, Ivan Jin Wen Results
CHAN, Nathan Results
CHANG, Jesse Results
CHANTARAT, Kane Results
CHAPMAN, Braydon Results
CHEE, Nicolas Results
CHEN, Bella (Zhiqing Results
CHEN, Celine Results
CHEN, Colin Results
CHEN, Dorothy Results
CHEN, Elina Results
CHEN, Jessy Results
CHEN, Jethro Results
CHEN, Luke Results
CHEN, Rocky Results
CHENG, Chloe Results
CHENG, Clarence Results
CHENG, Yuet Results
CHEUNG, Justin Results
CHILAKURI, Sujai Results
CHO, Ericson Results
CHOI, Andrew Results
CHOI, Julie Results
CHOI, Juno Results
CHRISMAS, Joshua Results
CHUNG, Carson Results
CONNOLLY, Keira Results
COPPIN, Rylan Results
CORISH, Nigel Results
COUGHLAN, Joel Results
COUSER, Thomas Results
DALZIEL, Cooper Results
DANIELEWICZ, Ezekiel Results
DAVIES, Owen Results
DE PALO, Hadrian Results
DE SILVA, Sithuki Results
DE SILVA, Vinuka Results
DEDERKO, Olivia Results
DENG, Jaden Results
DHAKAL, Shashwat Results
DING, Darlene Results
DING, Joshua Results
DIXON, Xavier Results
DO, Jayliah Results
DOU, Jennifer Results
DUNN, Emma Results
DUNN, Lucas Results
ELFAWAL, Ayman Results
EXPOSITO, Matthew Results
FAN, Lawrence Results
FAN, Tafley Results
FENG, Chunyi (Tracy) Results
FENG, Martin Results
FITZPATRICK, Billy Results
FLOOD, Laura Results
FONG, Nathan Zhong Gu Results
FOO, Addison Results
FREEDMAN, Shamir Results
FREEGARD, Anthony Results
FU, Richard Results
GAETA, Taleisha Results
GALLICCHIO, Domenic Results
GAO, Joe Results
GEERING, Levi Results
GEERING, Max Results
GEORGAS, William Results
GOH, Hanna Results
GOH, Royce Results
GOLLAPALLI, Rithvik Results
GOULD, Benjamin Results
GREEN, Hayden Results
GREEN, Lucas Results
GREEN, Nicholas Results
GUNAWARDENA, Praveen Results
GUNDAPANENI, Darsh Results
GUO, Emily Results
GUO, Jeffrey Results
HA, Lyn Results
HA, Lynette Results
HADAD, Amir Results
HAN, George Results
HAO, Moshi Results
HAO, Nolan Results
HASSAN, Ahmed Results
HASSAN, Dib Results
HASSAN, Yousef Results
HEAD, Jarryd Results
HEWAMADDUMA, Janiru Results
HEWAMADDUMA, Sithuki Results
HIDEURA, Atsuto Results
HIRTH, Trevor Results
HO, Esme Results
HO, Foebe Results
HO, James Results
HO, Joyce Results
HOCKLEY, Gemma Results
HOLLOW, Charlie Results
HONG, Eujin Results
HORN, Patrick Results
HSU, Yi-Jen Results
HUANG, Alex Results
HUANG, Cynthia Results
HUANG, William Results
HUANG, Zhongye Alex Results
HUO, Jimmy Results
HYUN, Benjamin Results
HYUN, Justin Results
IP, Joshua Results
IRA, Phoebe Results
IRA, Scarlett Results
IRELAND, Isidore Results
JANG, Amy Results
JAYAMAHA, Bandhu Results
JAYAMAHA, Shanith Results
JEE, Min Hyung Results
JEFFERSON, Natasha Results
JEFFERSON, Nicholas Results
JIANG, Alvin Results
JIANG, Lan Carly Results
JIANG, Patrick Results
JIANG, Richie Results
JIN, Chuhao Results
JONATAN, Elizabeth Results
JOST, Lennox Results
JULIAN, Rebecca Results
KEATING, Lochlan Results
KEATING, Sinead Results
KEERTHIRATNE, Adeepa Results
KELEN, Jett Results
KELLY, Craig Results
KIM, Ethan Results
KIM, Haneul Results
KIM, Ian Results
KLUSKA, Tom Results
KOBAYASHI, Ryuho Results
KUMARANATHUNGA, Diwansha Results
KWAN, Justin Results
KWON, Caleb Results
LAI, Sebastian Results
LAM, Rui Results
LANDER, Benjamin Results
LAY, Jian Fang Results
LE, Cherry Results
LE MAISTRE, Kelsey Results
LEE, Alex Results
LEE, Gabriel Results
LEE, Patrick Results
LEE, Serina Results
LEI, Li Na Results
LEUNG, Derek Results
LEUNG, Han Results
LEUNG, Lachlan Results
LI, Andrew Results
LI, Cody Results
LI, Daniel (Yuxin) Results
LI, Frederic Results
LI, Glen Results
LI, Hannah Results
LI, Jasper Results
LI, Jingtian Angie Results
LI, Raymond Results
LI, Richard Results
LI, Run Shu Results
LI, Sean Results
LI, Tianqing Results
LI, Youzhang Results
LI, Yu Lily Results
LI, Yuhan Results
LIM, Angelo Results
LIM, Victor Results
LIM, Vincent Results
LIN, Ian Yixing Results
LIN, Olivia Results
LIN, Xuqi Results
LIU, Alexander Results
LIU, Jenny Results
LIU, Johnson Results
LIU, Stephen Results
LIU, Thomas Results
LIU, Yangzi Results
LIU, Yvonne Results
LOEKMAN, James Results
LONG, Han Results
LU, Leo Results
LUK, Eric Results
LUM, Lucas Results
LUM, Nicholas Results
LUU, Finn Results
LYU, Maggie Results
MA, Lin Results
MADAAN, Kavyaa Results
MAI, Xuan Diem Results
MAK, Charlie Results
MAK, Michael Results
MAK, Yik Hei Jerry Results
MAN, Abbey Results
MASEN, Adam Results
MASTROMONACO, Michael Results
MCDONNELL, Andrea Results
MCNEIL, Garth Results
MEHTA, Rajiv Bobby Results
MENG, William Results
MENZIES, Woody Results
MIRZADEH, Seyedeh Melika Results
MOON, Robert Results
MOREHEAD, Chris Results
MOWLE, Gregory Results
MURPHY, Bridgit Results
MYRTEZA, Raymond Results
NG, Ryan Results
NGUYEN, Aaron Results
NGUYEN, Leonardo Results
NICHOLS-NEALE, Jessika Results
NIE, Chulong Results
NIMMERVOLL, Mark Results
NOURA, Daniel Results
OH, Sue Bin Results
ONG, Lachlan Results
OOI, Izac Results
OSVATH, Gabriella Results
O'TOOLE-ZHANG, Austin Results
PADAMADAN, Angelina Results
PANDEY, Shivansh Results
PATISHMAN, Aaron Results
PATON, Bradley Results
PATTON, Jason Results
PAUL, Chenoa Results
PAYNE, Aaron Results
PENG, Andrew Results
PENG, Bradley Results
PETTETT, Matthew Results
PHILLIPS, Claire Results
PIYACHAI, Leonard Results
PRABHU, Poshika Results
PRABHU, Sadhana Results
PRASAD, Pranav Results
PROPERJOHN, Lenny Results
PSIHOGIOS, Connie Results
QIAO, Olina Results
RANASINGHE, Kanchanamala Results
REDDY, Kailey Anne Results
REDDY, Syanne Results
REN, Michael Results
RIME, Matthew Results
RIZKALLA, Samuel Results
ROBERTSON, Callum J Results
RYU, Daniel Results
SACHKOV, Eugene Results
SAMARAWEERA, Nadini Results
SANDS, Hayley Results
SANDURSKI, Jack Results
SAREEN, Aditya Results
SAVINOV, Evgeny Results
SEARLE, William Results
SERIFOVIC, David Results
SHENGALI, Havin Results
SHERIFF, Natalie Results
SHI, Ethan Results
SHI, Matthew Results
SHI, Yudong Results
SHIH, Melody Results
SHIMOJO, Daiki Results
SHOMALI, Joseph Results
SHORE, Finley Results
SHORE, Joseph Results
SILVA, Sajith Results
SIMPSON, Rebecca Results
SINGH, Aviraj Results
SINGH PANWAR, Dhriti Results
SO, Steven Results
SONG, Andy Results
SONG, Derry Results
SONG, Henry Results
SOOD, Saniya Results
SRINIVASAN, Prakash Results
STEFFEN, Emily Results
STEFFEN, Matthew Results
STERLING, Daryl Results
SUN, Megan Results
SUN, Suri Results
SUNDARESAN, Swetha Results
TAN, Jonathan Results
TANG, Aiden Results
TANG, Audrey Results
TANG, Marc Results
TANG, Zoe Results
TAPPER, Melissa Results
TARANTO, Damian Results
TATIKONDA, Dhatri Results
TATIKONDA, Vyshnavi Results
TESLER, Brian Levi Results
THABET, Omar Results
THOMAS, Rhys Results
THWAITES, Nicole Results
TRAN, Adeline Results
TRAN, Cecilia Results
TRAN, Jayden Results
TRAN, Leo Results
TRAN, Lydia Results
TRAN, Natalie Results
TRAN, Tiffany Results
TSCHARKE, Amanda Results
TU, Mia Results
UDAL, Andrew Results
UDAL, Matthew Results
UZOMA, Raphael Results
VAN ZANTEN, Luke Results
VARDINEJAD, Rayan Results
VATS, Nishant Results
VINODHKUMAR, Samyukt Results
VINODHKUMAR, Thejashvin Results
VON EINEM, Sam Results
WALKER, Ellen Results
WAN, Matthew Results
WANG, Boswen Results
WANG, Ella Results
WANG, James Results
WANG, Jason Results
WANG, Jolene Results
WARDAK, Ali Results
WATTS, Steven Results
WEAVER, Richard Results
WEBB, Archie Results
WHIPP, Lucy Results
WILLEE, Samuel Albert Results
WILLIAMS, Michael Results
WIN SHWE, Sidney Results
WONG, Chung Yee Results
WONG, Vilmos Results
WOODS, Caitlin Results
WU, Amy Results
WU, Bryant Results
WU, Chelsea Results
WU, Jasmine Results
WU, Jasper Results
WU, Kenny Results
WU, Parker Results
WU, Yuana Results
XI, Tony Results
XIA, Ollie Results
XIA, Qinle Alice Results
XIE, Daisy Results
XIE, Zakelli Results
XIONG, Kirby Results
YAMAMOTO, Naoya Results
YAN, Ryan (Yixun) Results
YAN, Xin (Chris) Results
YANDRAPALLY, Charith Chowdha Results
YANG, Ocean Results
YANG, Qian Results
YAO, Karry Results
YAP, Cassandra Results
YAP, Spencer Results
YAP, Wesley Results
YEE, Chloe Results
YEUNG, Alex Results
YEUNG, Kathleen Results
YONG, Erika Results
YOO, Logan Results
YOUNG, Matthew Results
YU, Ella Results
ZENDE, Yugandh Results
ZENG, Alina Results
ZENG, April Results
ZENG, Michael Y Results
ZENG, Nelson Results
ZHANG, Ally Results
ZHANG, Boris Results
ZHANG, Fan Results
ZHANG, Jerry Results
ZHANG, Joanna Results
ZHANG, Lily Results
ZHANG, Peter Results
ZHANG, Ray Results
ZHANG, Serena Results
ZHANG, Sisi Results
ZHANG, Victoria Results
ZHANG, Zhiqi Alyssa Results
ZHAO, Cohen Results
ZHAO, Coral Results
ZHENG, Alice Results
ZHENG, Anne Results
ZHENG, Justin Results
ZHENG, Ziheng Leo Results
ZHOU, Sophia Results
ZHU, Alex Results
ZHU, Cynthia Results
ZHU, Lin Results
ZIA, Tahia Results
ZOU, Mia Results

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