2019 National Para Championships

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Player Name Results
BIRD, Timothy Results
CARROLL, Rory Results
CHAPMAN, James Results
CHEN, Jessy Results
CHRISMAS, Joshua Results
CHRISTOPHER, John Tauni Results
COUGHLAN, Joel Results
CROWDEN, Caleb Results
CROWE, Angus Results
DI TORO, Daniela Results
GOW, Steven Results
HIRTH, Trevor Results
HOCKLEY, Gemma Results
HOLDBACK, Connor Results
HORN, Patrick Results
HUO, Jimmy Results
HUSSAINI, Yasir Results
JOHNSTONE, Connor Results
LATU, Akanisi Results
LEI, Lina Results
MA, Lin Results
MAJTLIS, Anthony Results
MCDONNELL, Andrea Results
MCNEIL, Garth Results
MILLS, Toby Results
MIZRACHI, Barak Results
MORRISON, James Results
MORROW, Catherine Results
PAYNE, Aaron Results
PHAM, Sy Results
PROPERJOHN, Lenny Results
RODEN, Merewalesi Results
SANDS, Hayley Results
SIMPSON, Rebecca Results
SOOD, Saniya Results
STERLING, Daryl Results
TAN, Jonathan Results
TAPPER, Melissa Results
TSCHARKE, Amanda Results
VON EINEM, Samuel Results
WALTERS, Graeme Results
WOLF, Christine Results
YANG, Qian Results
YOUNG, Matthew Results

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