2019 National Senior and Youth Championships

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Player Name Results
ALEXANDERSSON, Matilda Results
ANSTEY, Zachary Results
AVERS, Matthew Results
BAE, Hwan Results
BELOKOPYTOV, Edward (Eddie) Results
BELROSE, Alize Results
BROMLEY, Michelle Results
CARNET, Bydhir Results
CERVEAUX, Adrien Results
CHAMBERS, Dillon Results
COSGRIFF, Luke Results
COUGHLAN, Joel Results
DAHL, Olav Results
DANG, Trung Le (Tyler Results
DANGER, Solenn Results
DEDERKO, Vivian (Zhenhua Results
DEY, Jeremy Results
DHOORIA, Rohan Results
DIXON, Xavier Results
DUMORTIER, Fleur Results
FAEHAU, Fabianna Results
FENG, Chunyi (Tracy) Results
GOULD, Benjamin Results
GREEN, Hayden Results
GREEN, Tahnee Results
HU, Heming Results
HUANG, Dominic Results
HUANG, Eric (Sida) Results
HUANG, Tim Results
IP, Joshua Results
JEE, Min Hyung Results
KAUR, Parleen Results
KIELY, Shea Results
KIM, James Results
LA, Lorie Results
LANDER, Benjamin Results
LAY, Jian Results
LEE, Alice Results
LEE, David Results
LEE, Isaiah Results
LEE, Seonghun (Jake) Results
LEI, Lina Results
LEVIS, Bruno Results
LI, Leo Results
LI, Richard Results
LIANG, Bob Results
LIANG, Mike Results
LITTLER, Richard Results
LUM, Nicholas Results
LUU, Finn Results
LYONS, Calden Results
MA, Lin Results
MAS, Arthur Results
MASTROMONACO, Michael Results
MENG, Maggie Results
NGUYEN-HUYNH, Andy Results
NIE, Mingxuan Results
NIELSEN, Henrik Results
PATON, Bradley Results
PENG, Kai Results
PERROMAT, Yvan Results
PETTETT, Matthew Results
PHAM, Brian Results
POWELL, David Results
PSIHOGIOS, Connie Results
PSIHOGIOS, Mia Results
QUAH, Chermaine Results
ROGERS, Mitchell Results
SANG, Xu Stephanie Results
SENS, Laurent Results
SILVA, Sajith Results
TANG, Jenkin Results
TAPPER, Melissa Results
TARANO, Matahi Results
TAYLOR, Benjamin Results
TE PING, Tevaineheu Results
TOWNSEND, Kane Results
TOWNSEND, Wade Results
VON EINEM, Samuel Results
WAITE, Sam Results
WANG, Ryan Results
WONG, Heimoe Results
WU, Michelle Results
YAN, Xin (Chris) Results
YANG, Qian Results
YANG, Zhen Results
ZHAO, Anthony Results

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