27th Australian Veterans Table Tennis Championships

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Player Name Results
ABBAS, Alice Results
ADUCKIEWICZ, Jennifer Results
AMANO, Toshie Results
ANTOUN, Michael Results
ARMSTRONG, Stuart Results
ASTOLFI, Ivo Results
BAKANAY, Seref Results
BAKER, Lorraine Results
BARKER, Lynley Results
BARNETT, Helen Results
BARR, Trevor Results
BARTON, Joan Results
BATES, William Results
BEATON, Wendy Results
BEAUMONT, Dave Results
BEAVER, Val Results
BENN, Geoff Results
BENNETT, Belgin Results
BERGMANIS, Bob Results
BERRY, Albert Results
BERRY, Brian Results
BIERZYNSKI, Stanley Results
BIRD, Betty Results
BLIGH, Harold Results
BORG, Theresa Results
BORKHARDT, Werner Results
BOWERS, John Results
BOWREY, Michael Results
BOYD, Tom Results
BOYTON, Graham Results
BRAKER, Gary Results
BRANDT, Lark Results
BRAUN, Yuka Results
BRIDLE, Dianne Results
BRIDSON, Gerry Results
BRUHN, Alan Results
BRUTON, Stephen Results
BUCHAN, Craig Results
BUCKLAND, Virgoe Results
CALDWELL, Bernadette Results
CAMPBELL, Craig Results
CAMPBELL, Susan Results
CAO, Quy Results
CARLSON, Chris Results
CARRUTHERS, Vicki Results
CHAMBERS, Roma Results
CHAN, Wing Kwai Results
CHANG, Charlie Results
CHEN, Sasha Results
CHEN, Song Results
CHEUNG, Paul Results
CHICHKAN, Walter Results
CHUNG, Peter Results
CINTOLO, Roy Results
CLACKSON, Beverley Results
CLARKE, Pam Results
COLE, Ken Results
CONGREVE, Fiona Results
COOLEY, Tom Results
COOMBE, Jim Results
COOMBES, Julie Results
COOPER, David Results
COUGHLAN, Mick Results
COWIE, Carol Results
CROWLEY, Mervyn Results
CURSON, Leigh Results
CUTCHEY, Gemma Results
CUTCHEY, Tony Results
DANG, Van Results
DARWENT, Dawn Results
DAVEY, Gregg Results
DAVIES, Beryl Results
DAVIS, John Results
DAVIS, Ted Results
DE BONDT, Case Results
DE BONDT, Fred Results
DENIER, Patricia Results
DENNY, Terence Results
DEVER, Jeffrey Results
DEY, Norman Results
DIXON, Maralyn Results
DONLON, Michael Results
DREW, Jeff Results
D'ALTERA, Rosslyn Results
EDE, Michael Results
EDWARDS, Elaine Results
EDWARDS, Graeme Results
ELLIS, Herb Results
EVANS, Brian Results
FERNANDES, Paul Results
FINLAY, Ian Results
FISCHER, Maureen Results
FISCHER, Peter Results
FISHER, Gary Results
FLOOD, Allison Results
FRANKLIN, Owen Results
FROHLICH, Horst Results
FURNESS, Jim Results
GARDNER, Lesley Results
GARRETT, Ngaire Results
GARRETT, Ron Results
GERAGHTY, Colin Results
GILSON, Dale Results
GODFREY, Beryl Results
GOLDENBERG, Julian Results
GOLOBOKOV, Pavel Results
GORNY, Xenia Results
GOTO, Akiko Results
GOVINDASAMY, Kayoko Results
GRADWELL, Col Results
GRAEBNER, Jan Results
GREAVES, Wayne Results
GREEN, Dan Results
GREEN, Paul Results
GROVES, Mark Results
GUGGENHEIM, Joan Results
GUNAWAN, Hadi Results
HALFORD, Gladys Results
HALL, Brian Results
HALL, Marjorie Results
HALL, Mark Results
HANSEN, Paul Results
HARMER, Bruce Results
HARPER, Bryan Results
HARRISON, Arthur Results
HART, Noel Results
HAUGHTON, Libby Results
HAWKE, Kay Results
HAY, Anne Results
HAY, Ken Results
HAY, Murray Results
HAYMAN, Gordon Results
HEGINBOTHAM, Wayne Results
HENDRIKS, Paul Results
HERBERT, Tony Results
HERMAN, Alan Results
HIBBERT, Christopher Results
HIRSCH, Helmut Results
HO, Verna Results
HOANG, Truong Results
HONSON, Tanya Results
HOSKIN, William Results
HUTCHINSON, Gillian Results
HUYNH, Be Phu Results
ISHII, Toshiko Results
JEFFRESS, Anthony Results
JENKINS, Mike Results
JOLIFFE, Glenys Results
JONES, Chrissy Results
JONES, Desmond Results
JORGENSEN, Keith Results
KALICH, Elfrida Results
KATSIPIS, Robert Results
KEESE, Paul Results
KEMP, Michael Results
KEMPTON, Rod Results
KEUNG, Eddie Results
KHACHIKI, Michel Results
KILDERRY, Jim Results
KILMISTER, Paul Results
KIM, Sophie Results
KLAF, Igor Results
KONG, Will Results
KONYE, Gyula Results
KOZAKIEWICZ, Irene Results
KRACHT, Jurgen Results
KRANZ, Margaret Results
KUIPER, Bernie Results
LAKE, Richard Results
LANDER, Peter Results
LANE, Gavin Results
LANGLEY, Cynthia Results
LANGRIDGE, Jennifer Results
LANGRIDGE, Kevin Results
LAWRY, Valerie Results
LE, Inh Results
LEARMONTH, Harold Results
LEASK, John Results
LEDDY, Etheny Results
LEE, Eddie Results
LEE, Gordon Results
LEE, John Results
LEE, Nam Hang Results
LEE, Shirley Results
LEE, Toong Yeen Results
LEES, John Results
LETTS, Greg Results
LI, Sam Results
LI, Steven Results
LIEDTKE, Gerhard Results
LINDSAY, Jack Results
LING, Debbie Results
LITTLE, Chris Results
LONG, Geoff Results
LOUEY, Michael Results
LOWE, David Results
LUU, Gary Results
LY, Ada Results
LY, Betty Results
LY, Robert Results
LY, Walter Results
LYNCH, Ron Results
MA, Joanna Results
MACKAY, Kerri Results
MACPHERSON, Murray Results
MALYSCHKO, Kevin Results
MARCEN, Adolf Results
MARGETSON, Hazel Results
MATTHEWS, Chris Results
MCARDLE, John Results
MCCLOUGHRY, David Results
MCCONNELL, Lois Results
MCCONNELL, Nick Results
MCCONNOCHIE, Bryan Results
MCDONNELL, Andrea Results
MCGEEHAN, Kerry Results
MCKEOUGH, Lynne Results
MCLEAN, Douglas Results
MITCHELL, Stephen Results
MOODY, Paul Results
MORATO, Terry Results
MORGAN, Joylene Results
MULCAHY, Margaret Results
MULLARD, Cary Results
MULLER, Marshall Results
MULLER, Peter Results
MUNN, Joan Results
NADAL, George Results
NESBITT, Geoffrey Results
NEWCOMBE, Roy Results
NGO, Tin Results
NGUYEN, Nghi Results
NOLAN, Jenny Results
NOONAN, Leslie Results
OAKLEY, Ian Results
OPATRNY, Jerzy Results
OPPER, Joyce Results
O'BRYAN, Daisy Results
PANDIT, Sharad Results
PAOLINI, Jan Results
PAPP, Saci Results
PAPPON, Hans Results
PATEL, Depak Results
PATTINSON, Doug Results
PATTISON, John Results
PAYNE, Charles Results
PAYNE, Rhonda Results
PEPPY, Brian Results
PHA, Anna Results
PHAN, Han Results
PIERCE, Jean Results
PIERCY, John Results
PINKEWICH, Marie Results
PINKEWICH, Paul Results
POON, Ron Results
PREUSS, Karl Results
PUDNEY, John Results
PUI, David Results
PUN, Kennan Results
PUTS, Arnold Results
RANGER, Philip Results
RAPLEY, Gwenda Results
REHILL, Gurcharn Results
REID, Buddy Results
RIHA, Frank Results
ROBBINS, Greg Results
ROBERTS, Averil Results
ROBSON, Bill Results
ROSARIO, Prisca Results
RUTGERS, Kelvin Results
RYLATT, Dennis Results
SAMUELSSON, Thomas Results
SANDERS, Dorothy Results
SANDLEY, Sarah Results
SANDS, Ken Results
SCHELLING, Louise Results
SCHULL, Danny Results
SELLWOOD, Ann Results
SHEEDY, Peter Results
SHEEHAN, Bill Results
SHERMAN, David Results
SHERRIFF, John Results
SHERWOOD, Elspeth Results
SHERWOOD, William Results
SHORT, Lorraine Results
SIM, Clive Results
SIMES, Geoffrey Results
SMIECH, Alex Results
SMIECH, Val Results
SMITH, Karen Results
SMITH, Shirley Results
SMITH, Tim Results
SNEDDON, Merle Results
SOLOMONS, Martin Results
SPEERS, Jackie Results
STEIN, Russell Results
STENNARD, Ian Results
STEWART, Bill Results
STIGLITZ, Jack Results
STRACK, Andrea Results
STRONG, Jeanne Results
SULIMOVA, Tanya Results
SUN, Xiaoping Results
SWANTON, David Results
SYKES, Chris Results
SYMONS, Graham Results
TAI, Stephen Results
TAIT, Pam Results
TALBOT, Ian Results
TANFANA, Tutty Results
TANG, Jun Results
TAURIS, Gil Results
TAURIS, Noelene Results
TAYLFORTH, Trevor Results
TEOH, Nita Results
THOMPSON, Herbert Results
TILLER, Denise Results
TOWERS, Rosemary Results
TRAN, Hien Results
TRAN, Sanh Results
TRNKA, Ivana Results
TRZESINSKI, Robert Results
UNG, Wen Results
UNTHANK, Eleanor Results
UNTHANK, Penny Results
UTTLEY, Paul Results
VEERHUIS, Rose Results
WAGNER, Arlene Results
WALKER, Matthew Results
WALKER, Trevor Results
WEBB, Tony Results
WEBSDALE, Phillip Results
WELLER, Ian Results
WESTLUND, Rus Results
WETSTEYN, Hans Results
WHERRY, Jill Results
WHISSON, Jill Results
WHITE, Lyndon Results
WHITE, Marilyn Results
WHITEFORD, Leonie Results
WIERENGA, Irene Results
WILLIAMS, Joyce Results
WILLIAMS, Natacha Results
WILLIS, Kathy Results
WILSON, Cedric Results
WILSON, Debbie Results
WOLLONER, Michael Results
WOLTMAN, Thomas Results
WONG, Kon Results
WOOLCOCK, Warren Results
WORSLEY, Ray Results
WRIGHT, Judith Results
WRIGHT, Mick Results
WUTTKE, Warren Results
YAMAMOTO, Toyoko Results
YANG, Ching Results
YOUNG, Raewyn Results
YU, Jan Results
YU, Peng Results
ZHANG, Jia Results
ZIRAK, Kouros Results

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