2022 National Veterans Championships

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Player Name Results
ABBAS, Alice Results
ABBOTT, Donna Results
ABDILLA, George Results
ABRANTES, Joe Results
ADUCKIEWICZ, Jennifer Results
ALISCH, Kris Results
ALLENDER, Wayne Results
AMIN, Mahfuzul Results
AUFDERHEIDE, Steve Results
AVALOS, Brian Results
AZIMI, Mohammad Results
AZIZ, Rashed Results
BAKER, Lorraine Results
BARNES, Peter Results
BEDFORD, Gavin Results
BEG, M Kaunain Results
BENNETT, Beck Results
BENNETT, Belgin Results
BHRARA, Raminder Results
BIRD, Betty Results
BLACKBURN, Judy Results
BLIGH, Harold Results
BOKTOUR, Safwat Results
BORKHARDT, Werner Results
BOULOS, Neil Results
BOWERMAN, Judy Results
BOWERS, John Results
BOWREY, Michael Results
BOZELLE, Bob Results
BRICKNELL, Andrew Results
BRINDLEY, Aviva Results
BRONSTEIN, Paul Results
BROOKS, Rosalie Results
BROWN, Patti Results
BRUHN, Alan Results
BRUTON, Stephen Results
BUCKBY, Lynette Results
CAMPBELL, Craig Results
CARLYLE, Rod Results
CARRUTHERS, Phillip Results
CARRUTHERS, Vicki Results
CARTER, Craig Results
CARTER, Kaylene Results
CHAI, Roger Results
CHAN, Connie Results
CHAN, Wing-Kwai Results
CHAPPELL, Therese Results
CHEN, Jeff Results
CHEUNG, Edmond Results
CHEUNG, Paul Results
CHIN, Judy Results
CHOUDHURY, Supratik Results
CHUNG, Peter Results
CLACKSON, Beverley Results
CLACKSON, David Results
CLARKE, Pam Results
CLARKE, Peter Results
CNAPICH, Giovanni Results
COLBURN, Alexandra Lesa Results
COOMBES, Julie Results
COOPER, Nigel Results
COPE, Kevin Results
COWIE, Carol Results
CRANE, Matthew Results
CROWELL, Kay Results
CURTIS, Yajun Lucy Results
DE SILVA, Lalindra Results
DEETH, Monica Results
DENMAN, Shane Results
DEVER, Jeff Results
DIXON, Maralyn Results
DOBROVIC, Christopher Results
DOMBROSE, Mary Results
DOMBROSE, Michael Results
DONACHIE, John Results
DONLON, Michael Results
D'ARCY, Gayle Results
EBERO, Charmae Results
EDWARDS, Michael Results
EGAN, Patricia Results
EVANS, Dennis Results
FALLON, Alena Results
FARMER, John Results
FENWICK, Simon Results
FERNANDEZ, Agatha Results
FERNANDO, Anushka Results
FINDLEY, Jim Results
FINLAY, Ian Results
FISCHER, Maureen Results
FISHER, Gary Results
FITZPATRICK, Michael Results
FLOOD, Allison Results
FOURRO, John Results
FOURRO, Lorraine Results
FRANCIS, Jenny Results
FREDERICKSEN, Noreen Results
GAETA, Brendan Results
GELLER, Mikhail Results
GENET, Richard Results
GIAM, Eddie Results
GILLARD, David Results
GILLESPIE, Heather Results
GOGOI, Partha Results
GOODSON, Peter Results
GOW, Bruce Results
GRADWELL, Colin Results
GRANGER-BROWN, Lorraine Results
GRAY, Andrew Results
GRAY, Scott Results
GREAVES, Wayne Results
GREEN, Paul Results
GRIERSMITH, David Results
GRIFFITHS, Barry Results
GRIFFITHS, John Results
HADAD, Amir Results
HALL, Mark Results
HANSEN, Henning Results
HAY, Ken Results
HEE, Rodney Results
HEGINBOTHAM, Wayne Results
HERMAN, Alan Results
HEW, Sam Results
HIVES, Shantelle Results
HOFFMANN, Garry Results
HOLCOMB, Kim Results
HUANG, Cheryl Results
HUTCHINSON, Gillian Results
IMAM, Haru Results
JAMES, Judy Results
JAMES, Roma Results
JAYAMAHA, Bandhu Results
JIANG, Yuliang Results
JOENG, Tjen Fong Results
JOHNSTON, Anthony Results
JONES, Chrissy Results
JOY, Ann Results
JUDGE, Bruce Results
KALICH, Elfrida Results
KANG, Antonio Results
KARIMI, Forough Results
KEMPTON, Rod Results
KENT, Janice Results
KESKIN, Mustafa Results
KHAYATI, Saeed Results
KLAF, Igor Results
KNIGHT, Delma Results
KUMAR, David Results
KUNG, Delilah Results
KUNG, Felix Results
KWOK, Anthony Results
LAGHARI, Ayaz Ali Results
LANGLEY, Paul Results
LAW, Calvin Results
LAW, Ricky Results
LAWN, Geoff Results
LAWRIE, Lynda Results
LAY, Pedro Results
LEACH, Geoff Results
LEE, Gordon Results
LEE, Thong Teck Results
LEI, Peter Results
LI, Aili Results
LI, Xulei Results
LU, David Results
LUM, Marina Results
LY, Ada Results
LY, Walter Results
MA, Joanna Results
MADAAN, Harsh Results
MALYSCHKO, David Results
MALYSCHKO, Kevin Results
MARQUARDT, Jutta Results
MARROLLO, Robert Results
MATTHEWS, Chris Results
MCCLOUGHRY, David Results
MCDONNELL, Andrea Results
MCDOUGALL, Gary Results
MIAS, Pascal Results
MICHAEL, Kelvin Results
MILLS, Simon Results
MISRA, Rabi Results
MORATO, Terry Results
MORGAN, Coral Results
MORGAN, Joylene Results
MOWLE, Gregory Results
MULLAMPHY, Adam Results
MULLER, Marshall Results
MULLER, Peter Results
MULLEY, Mark Results
NAJAN, Herijanto Results
NEUBAUER, Ken Results
NGAPARU, Allan Results
NGO, Hoa Results
NGO, John Results
NGUYEN, Nghi Results
NICHOLSON, Andrea Results
NOMURA, Nanako Results
NORTON, Frances Results
NOTTLE, Melissa Results
ORMAN, Marianne Results
ORTENCIO, Jason Results
OTTEN, Denise Results
OWEN, Clare Results
OWEN, Warren Results
O'BRIEN, Geni Results
O'BRYAN, Daisy Results
PANNEWIG, Honey Results
PAOLINI, Jan Results
PARKER, Keith Results
PATISHMAN, Henry Results
PATTINSON, Doug Results
PEARCE, Ingrid Results
PENG, Jing Jim Results
PERRY, Rodney Results
PESTONJI, Cyrus Results
PHAM, Kathy Results
PHILLIPS, Claire Results
PINKEWICH, Marie Results
PINKEWICH, Paul Results
PRINCE, Chris Results
PUDNEY, John Results
PUN, Kennan Results
RANGER, Philip Results
RAPLEY, Gwenda Results
REEVES, Adrian Results
RICKARDS, Anna Results
ROBBINS, Greg Results
ROBINSON, Dennis Results
ROBSON, Bill Results
RODER, Lenore Results
RYLATT, Dennis Results
SAAD, Maha Results
SAKOVA, Irina Results
SAMUELSSON, Thomas Results
SAYKOVSKAYA, Marina Results
SCHOFIELD, Don Results
SHARMA, Puneet Results
SHAUGHNESSY, Kelly Results
SHEAHAN, Steve Results
SHEN, Charlie Results
SHENOY, Dhiren Results
SHERIDAN, Anne Results
SHERRIFF, John Results
SHNIER, Adrien Results
SMITH, Shirley Results
SPRAGGON, Ian Results
SPRUNT, Brett Results
STEIN, Russell Results
STEWART, Ann-Louise Results
STRONG, Belinda Results
STRONG, Graeme Results
STRONG, Jeanne Results
SULIMOVA, Tanya Results
SUMEGHY, Nick Results
SYMES, Robert Results
TAI, Stephen Results
TAN, Yoke-Ching Results
TANG, Jun Results
TAN-KANG, Ian Ks Results
TAO, Yuxiang Results
TAYLOR, Jan Results
TAYLOR, Kerry Results
THOMSON, Jerrod Results
TOMLINSON, Heather Results
TOWERS, Rosemary Results
TRAN, Nhien Results
TRASS, Pippa-Louise Results
TURNER, Michael Results
UTTLEY, Paul Results
VEERHUIS, Rose Results
WALKER, Trevor Results
WANG, Kevin Q Results
WANG DRURY, Sien Anna Results
WEARING, Lyn Results
WEAVER, Richard Results
WEBB, Tony Results
WEBBER, Kathleen Results
WEBSDALE, Phillip Results
WEINSTOCK, William Results
WETSTEYN, Hans Results
WHERRY, Jill Results
WHITE, Lyndon Results
WHITEFORD, Leonie Results
WICKS, Sean Results
WIDDUP, Emma Results
WILD, Taka Results
WILLIAMS, Natacha Results
WILLIAMS, Peter Results
WILSON, Debbie Results
WILSON, Paton Results
WILTSHIRE, Joey Results
WOLTMANN, Thomas Results
WONG, Carol Results
WONG, Chau-Hung James Results
WOOD, Peter Results
WRIGHT, John Results
WRIGHT, Mick Results
YANG, Lijiang Results
YAP, Linda Results
YAXLEY, Michael Results
YOUNG, Timothy Results
YOW, Chee Results
YU, Jan Results
YU, Peng Results
YU, Willa Results
ZHANG, Amy Results
ZHANG, Helen Results
ZHANG, Michael Results

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